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Well, it has been well over 2 years since my last post. Needless to say, I would have liked to have started this Enjoy Cocaine venture much, much sooner, but alas life happens.

Now, with a solid grounding of product ingredients, which are formulated to be country specific, (due to each country’s regulations), I feel this online Enjoy Cocaine business venture can finally be started.

There may be some changes, including a brand new website.

I will be actively recruiting distributors for
Distributor pricing will be very reasonable to make the maximum profits.

As I write this post, new internet domain names have been added to the collection, which include, but not limited to:

The year 2017 will be important, with an initial Enjoy Cocaine start date targeted for Spring. Thank you for visiting

cocaine, enjoy cocaine, enjoy cocaine graphic

Keep calm and website and products.

March 2014 was almost a year ago, and I have had to reorganize my life and business matters. It is February 2015, and I now feel confident that this business venture is on track to be fully operational fairly soon… In the meantime, feel free to download the enjoy cocaine graphic and print it on t-shirts and what have you. Promote the enjoy cocaine website! More graphics to follow. Click on the graphic for the full size properly sized graphic image.

I still have much to do, to get things up and running properly, but it is getting done.

March 2014 will be the official launch of

I have BIG plans to purchase a 2014 Cocaine Camaro SS (see the separate page for this beautiful car).

*****Click on the photo to view the full size FUN photo*****

2014 camaro SS enjoy cocaine camaro company car

Could this be the NEW Enjoy Cocaine Camaro SS company car???


Raymond Goncalves, enjoy cocaine, enjoy cocaine temporary tattoo for the best new bath salt alternative products!

The phrase “Enjoy Cocaine,” was very popular back in 1970 and still is today in 2013 and I am sure will still be popular well beyond 2014.

Just look at any popular search engine’s graphic feed, and you will see well into the 100′s of graphic images for the phrase “Enjoy Cocaine.”

This website will feature great NEW products, which are going to be a BIG hit with consumers.

There will be energy drink powders as well as a BRAND NEW alternative to the ill fated bath salts of yesteryear.

Our NEW bath salt alternative does NOT contain any illegal Cathinones of any kind, yet can still deliver the same kind of effect that will bring back sweet memories of the heyday of club Studio-54 and the whole Disco scene. More on this later…

This website will be properly updated with photos, videos, and all sorts of neat products.

Thank you for visiting from the good folks at